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Recent Significant Outcomes

Aarefah Mosavi v. Mt. San Antonio College, et. al.

United States District Court Case No. 2:15-cv-04147 by Martin L. Carpenter and Joseph A. Gordon (August 2018); Female Muslim student-employee alleged workplace sexual and religious discrimination, and sexual assault by her male co-worker.  Federal jury trial resulted in defense verdict.

Boyd Allyn Roe v. City of Fountain Valley

Fourth Appellate District, Division 3, Case No. G054434 by Justin Reade Sarno (2018); Affirmed summary judgment in favor of Fountain Valley Police Department and individual officers in use of force case regarding bean bag deployments brought under 42 U.S.C. section 1983, as a result of claim preclusion doctrine as set forth under Heck v. Humphrey (1994) 512 U.S. 477 and Susag v. City of Lake Forest (2002) 94 Cal.App.4th 1401.

Anyssa Sanchez v. Brawley Elementary School District

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Case No. (16-55892) by Justin Reade Sarno (2018); Affirmed grant of summary judgment in lawsuit brought by elementary school student student alleging institutional, district-wide Title IX violations in relation to single incident of peer-on-peer sexual harassment.

Michelle Rex v. City of West Hollywood

Los Angeles Superior Court Case No. BC615534, by Jill Williams and Steven J. Rothans (May 2017); Alleged whistelblower retaliation case and FEHA related retaliation case, arising from allegations that Michelle Rex, former City Council Deputy for the City of West Hollywood suffered whistleblower retaliation as a result of City’s decision to dissolve deputy program. Verdict – DEFENSE.

Ignacio Leon v. City of Santa Ana, et al.

U.S. District Court Case No. 8:14−cv−00387−JLS−DFM, by Steven J. Rothans and Mark D. Rutter (September 2015); Alleged excessive force, federal civil rights action under 42 U.S.C. 1983, arising from the shooting of Ignacio Leon, Jr. on December 12, 2012, by Officer Garcia, an on-duty police officer working for the Santa Ana Police Department. Verdict – DEFENSE.

Sutton Vance v. Apple Valley Unified School District, et al.

Fourth District Court of Appeal, Division 2, E059632, by Justin Reade Sarno (April 2015); Wrongful death civil rights action resulting from death of high school student from drug overdose in motel, amid allegations of sexual conduct with district bus driver. Summary judgment affirmed on behalf of school district and bus driver, based upon plaintiff’s failure to submit competent evidence that the sexual relationship was cause of overdose and death.

Alexander Perez Alvarado v. City of Santa Ana, et al.

U.S. District Court Case SACV12-00328DOC (ANx), by Mark D. Rutter, Steven J. Rothans and Jill Williams (May 2014); Wrongful death civil rights action where stepfather called police because stepson was on meth. Stepfather told 911 operator that stepson had a toy gun. Stepson refused to release girlfriend and baby, and to put down a replica Berretta pellet gun. Police shot and killed suspect. Verdict – DEFENSE.

Sergio Arreola v. City of Pomona, et al.

USDC Case Number 13-cv-4671 SVW, Central District of California, by Steven J. Rothans, Mark D. Rutter and Danielle C. Foster (January 2014); Deprivation of civil rights per 42 U.S.C. § 1983; Despite difficult factual issues, the plaintiff only prevailed on two of five claims, and the jury awarded 20% of what the defense had offered in settlement prior to the verdict.

Veth Mam v. City of Fullerton, et al.

USDC Case No. 11-CV-01242-JST (MLGx), by Steven J. Rothans and Jill Williams (April 2013); Representation of Fullerton peace officer accused of excessive force and false arrest, in connection with videotaped (and Youtube’d) incident involving numerous bar patrons outside of local bar; Jury Verdict – DEFENSE.

Lynette Jacobson v. Palmdale School District, et al.

Second Appellate District, Div. 4, Case No. B239582, by Louis R. Dumont, and Justin Reade Sarno (February 2013); Defamation action against school district and Superintendent in connection with dissemination of official curriculum video; Holding – REVERSED trial court’s denial of Anti-SLAPP motion to strike; new and different Order entered, granting defendants’ motion, case dismissed.

Anthony Alvarado v. City of Pomona, et al.

Case Number CV 09-04597 ODW (JCx), Central District of U.S. District Court, by Steven J. Rothans (October 2010); Excessive force – wrongful shooting; Jury Verdict – DEFENSE.

Estate of Cody Hernandez v. City of Santa Ana, et al.

OCSC Case Number 07-CC-10602 Santa Ana, by Steven J. Rothans and Jill Williams (January 2010); Excessive force, wrongful death shooting of unarmed suspect; Jury Verdict – DEFENSE.

Wendy Scallion v. City of Hawthorne, et al.

USDC Case Number CV05-6849, by Mark D. Rutter (March 2009); unconstitutional strip search [false arrest claim disposed of by motion for summary judgment and affirmed on appeal]; Jury Verdict – DEFENSE.

Garry Torrance v. City of Pomona, et al.

Case Number CV-02-8512-DF, Central District of U.S. District Court, by Steven J. Rothans (July 2007); Excessive force – wrongful shooting; Jury Verdict – DEFENSE.


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