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Summary Judgment Granted In Favor of a Public Charter School

CRD achieved summary judgment on behalf of Vaughn Next Century Learning Center (a public charter school within the Los Angeles Unified School District) in an action brought by a female student alleging she was bullied as well as sexually and racially harassed by a male peer when they were in elementary school.  The plaintiff also alleged that the school discriminated against her based on her race (African American) in failing to discipline the alleged perpetrator and subjecting plaintiff to “strip searches” by law enforcement on campus.  The plaintiff asserted causes of action against the school for negligent supervision, assault and battery, and violation of state civil rights.  The court found no evidence that Vaughn discriminated against plaintiff or that the school was indifferent to any misconduct by other students.  The court also ruled that Vaughn reasonably supervised its students and responded to known complaints appropriately. The school district was represented by Scott Carpenter.