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Second District Affirms Summary Judgment In Simi Valley Search & Seizure Lawsuit

On February 9, 2016, the Second District Court of Appeal, Division 2, affirmed Judge Michael L. Stern’s entry of summary  judgment in favor of the City of Simi Valley, Officer Bryan Samples, and the City of Glendale, in Haghnazarian v. City of Glendale, et al., B257501, a case alleging a constitutionally defective search and seizure of a residence. The case pertained to allegations of identity theft by a Glendale resident at a local Apple store in Simi Valley, California. Officers from the Simi Valley Police Department conducted an investigation into the allegations, including the review of photographs and surveillance footage obtained from Apple, and secured a judicially-issued search warrant for the suspect’s residence. Suspect and his family sued both the Simi Valley and Glendale Police Departments respectively, alleging that the search and seizure was defective and unreasonable. In light of the evidence adduced, the Court of Appeal dismissed the lawsuit in its entirety. Briefing and oral argument presented by attorney Justin Reade Sarno, for the City of Simi Valley Respondents.