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Defense Verdict in Federal Jury Trial

On September 24, 2015, attorneys Steven J. Rothans and Mark D. Rutter obtained a defense verdict, following a 6 day jury trial, on behalf of the City of Santa Ana, and Officer David Garcia.  The civil rights action, entitled Ignacio Leon v. City of Santa Ana, bearing Case No. 8:14−cv−00387−JLS−DFM, arose from the shooting of Ignacio Leon, Jr. on December 12, 2012, by Officer Garcia, an on-duty police officer working for the Santa Ana Police Department.

Plaintiff Leon contended that Officer Garcia used excessive and unreasonable force when he shot him.

The defendants denied the allegations and contended that the shooting was lawful, where it was objectively reasonable for Officer Garcia to believe that Mr. Leon, based on his actions, presented an immediate threat of death and/or serious bodily injury at the time deadly force was used.

After approximately 1.5 hours of deliberation, the jury returned a verdict in favor of the City of Santa Ana and Officer Garcia.