Public Education

Local School Districts And Community Colleges

Public Education

Whether at the school district or community college district level, our office handles all aspects of civil liability facing schools and community colleges throughout the state of California.

The defense of school districts and community colleges requires a unique sensitivity and understanding of the administrators and educators at our schools. Without this key understanding and sensitivity, the complex hurdles facing our school systems will be inevitably under-estimated.

The issues facing school districts has expanded over the last 50 years, moving from concerns about education curriculum, to issues that pertain to individual liberties, privacy rights, violence in the school setting, and protocols incumbent on administrators and teachers alike in fostering a rich and powerful academic environment.

We have experience in all facets of public education:
  • Facilities liability
  • Child abuse
  • Employment
  • Compliance, regulation, and standardization
  • Health-care services
  • Student safety
  • Privacy rights in a digital era
  • First Amendment expression
  • Athletic programs safety, standards, and compliance
  • Student discipline
  • Disability accommodation and access
  • IEP programs and services