Employment Law

In Defense Of Public Employers And Employees

Employment Law

Our office handles all forms of labor and employment lawsuits on behalf of public agencies throughout California. Whether arising under Title VII, Title IX, or the Fair Employment and Housing Act (“FEHA”), our office is adept at handling all aspects of your employment related lawsuit.

Our current landscape is indeed a litigious one, and your business needs to be well-protected from this fiscal reality. For example, a white paper from the Legal Landminers, 2009 Law Changes Could Impact Your Business, offered some scary statistics on the number of employee lawsuits.

According to authors Mary Gorski and Denise Tataryn, “[e]mployee lawsuits have risen 400 percent in the last 20 years,” and of those lawsuits, 41.5 percent are “private employers with between 15 and 100 employees.” Since 2009, these statistics have augmented to alarming proportions. According to the EEOC’s website, the statistics for 2014 reveal that California is third in line, among all 50 states, with the most amount of charges received against employers. Considering these facts, it is incumbent upon public and private employers, as well as big and small business alike, to protect themselves from this unfortunate, yet staggering, reality.

Ultimately, an employment lawsuit is rife with complex, intricate factual allegations, and a broad swathe of documents that can bury litigants in a heartbeat. Amidst this frenzied storm of facts and evidence, CR&D is experienced and equipped to help navigate these complex issues. Our team provides on-site analysis with business owners and risk managers, providing hands-on consultation and a strategic action-plan with respect to the issues and concerns raised in the lawsuit. Employers deserve the utmost protections and advocacy that they can find, and CR&D can provide it.

Specifically, at CR&D, you can be sure that our team of advocates will fight to defend against all forms of employment-related lawsuits, crafting an action plan, tailored to your federal or state lawsuit, that is both meticulous and responsive to your business’ unique resources and capabilities.

Our office handles all facets of your employment case:
  • DFEH and EEOC procedural compliance
  • Exhaustion of administrative remedies
  • Internal grievance procedures and conciliatory alternatives
  • Writs of administrative mandamus and procedure
  • Statutes of limitations concerns and pitfalls
  • Law and motion strategies
  • Risk management consultation