Appellate Law

A Fresh Perspective

Appellate Law

At CR&D, our firm has extensive experience in the strategy and practice involving writs and appeals. Our attorneys have guided public and private entities through the intricacies of appellate litigation, in all state appellate courts in the state of California, including the California Supreme Court, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and U.S. Supreme Court, in law and motion, briefing, oral arguments, and amicus briefs.  

Led by attorney Justin Sarno, our firm handles appeals that result from cases handled in-house, and also those that are referred to us by other law firms, insurance carriers, and risk management officers who desire a fresh perspective on the complex legal issues that have been litigated in the trial court.

Writs & Appeals

The practice of writs and appeals is a complex one, often requiring unique insights and new perspectives in cases that have been tirelessly litigated. At CR&D, our attorneys are uniquely skilled in assessing the strengths and weakness of a case from a new perspective, often presenting new arguments and issues that will enable an appellate panel to consider the unique merits of the case. Whether considering an interlocutory writ, or handling a complex appeal, our attorneys can assist in consulting through this uniquely strategic process, ensuring that the best possible result is achieved.

Oral Argument

The members of the firm have brought to the profession diverse backgrounds in other areas of business and public life, enabling our attorneys to tailor oral arguments and presentations to the best possible degree before the diverse appellate panels throughout California. Preparation and presentation is key. And our attorneys are uniquely qualified to present the best possible arguments and presentations on appeal, often in the most intellectually complex cases.

Our office handles all aspects of appellate practice:
  • Objective and strategic re-analysis of post-judgment merits
  • Exceptional written advocacy in appellate law and motion
  • Precise and comprehensive issue-framing
  • Brief writing and analysis
  • Cogent oral argument and presentation